Dầu xả giấm táo AG Care Boost với bơ hạt xoài - Dưỡng ẩm sâu cho tóc bóng mượt và khỏe mạnh (12oz)

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Review sản phẩm Dầu Xả Giấm Táo AG Care Boost với Bơ Hạt Xoài là một sản phẩm chăm sóc tóc chuyên sâu, cung cấp độ ẩm sâu và làm sạch tóc cho mái tóc khỏe mạnh, bóng mượt. Sản phẩm không chứa sulfate, gluten, DEA, PABA, paraben và 100% thuần chay, giúp giữ cho […]
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Thương hiệu: AG Care

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معلومات المنتج:
Thương hiệu: AG Care

Dầu xả giấm táo AG Care Boost với bơ hạt xoài – Dưỡng ẩm sâu cho tóc bóng mượt và khỏe mạnh (12oz)

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• DEEP CONDITIONER: Apple cider vinegar hair conditioner helps to balance pH to restore luster and shine. You can use apple cider vinegar conditioner for oily hair, normal, and dry hair types.
• HEALTHY, GLOSSY HAIR: Apple cider vinegar cleansing conditioner is absorbed into the cuticle to enhance shine without weighing your hair down. AG sulfate-free apple cider vinegar hair products support strong, healthy hair with a blend of nourishing superfoods and soothing botanicals.
• PLANT-BASED CONDITIONER: Thoughtfully selected aromatic herbs and oils reinvigorate your hair, support scalp health, and smell absolutely divine. Boost high shine conditioner has a light, floral scent and contains lavender, rosemary, and sage.
• LIGHT & HYDRATING: Boost is a moisturizing hair conditioner for damaged dry hair, normal, and oily hair types. vegan, sulfate-free and silicone-free, AG Care apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner add high shine and lock in moisture, reducing frizz and flyaways without weighing hair down.
• NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: The AG Care Essentials plant-based conditioner and hair care line combines science and nature to deliver beautiful results without sulfates, gluten, DEA, PABA, parabens, DMDMH, and more. Our products are sulfate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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AG Care Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner - For super soft and healthy hair.Seal in Moisture - Vegan and cruelty-free. Always without sulfates, gluten, DEA, PABA, parabensAdvanced Goodness Since 1989 - Each purchase supports One Girl Can charity

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Our plant-based ingredients won’t strip hair of nourishing oils or cause dryness or stress. Perfectly balanced for all hair types.

  • Ideal for natural or textured hair, curly hair, dry hair, and other hair types.
  • Unisex, for women or men.
  • Safe for color-treated or chemically-treated hair.
  • يمكن استخدامه يوميا.

No Drying Sulfates

مكونات نباتية

Enjoy a light fragrance and the refreshing power of organic apple cider vinegar.

  • Balanced to restore natural pH.
  • Clean ingredients.
  • Infused with mango seed butter and nourishing superfood ingredients.

Silicone-Free - 98% plant-based ingredients. Infused with lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary.

No Silcones

Always formulated without silcones, our Boost Conditioner won’t weigh your hair down or cause damage. Choose a silicone-free conditioner to:

  • Condition hair without build-up or residue.
  • Avoid dull or greasy curls.
  • Provide natural hydration.
شامبو التوازن Balance Shampoo Refill Boost Conditioner Boost Conditioner Refill Nourish Moisture Mask Cloud Air Light Volumizing Mousse
Free From Harmful Sulfates
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AG Hair Care Boost Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner smooths the cuticle and seals in moisture for well looked after, glossy hair. This gentle conditioner helps to balance your skin pH for good scalp health while nourishing and deep conditioning to make your hair luxuriously soft. The superfood formula contains mango seed butter, lavender, rosemary, and sage. Thoughtfully selected aromatic herbs and oils reinvigorate your hair and encourage healthy luster. Mango seed butter helps reduce breakage and helps strengthen hair with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Apple cider vinegar is a popular ingredient in deep conditioner for bleached hair and scalp conditioner formulas because it softens and revitalizes dull and dry hair and supports the skin barrier. The vegan ingredients are easy on your skin, soothing itchy scalps while locking in moisture and conditioning from root to tip. The lightweight formula smooths and soothes to reveal soft, clean, touchable hair, making it an excellent option for a cowash cleansing conditioner. Boost comes in an aluminum bottle with a conditioner pump for ease of use. Our sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are 98% plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free minimising the use of gluten, DEA, PABA, or other harmful chemicals. At AG Care, we believe how we create our products is meaningful — from end to end. It’s how we make our products, care about our people, and treat our planet.



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