Tai nghe Srhythm NC25 không dây Bluetooth 5.3 loại bỏ tiếng ồn nhẹ qua tai và có độ trễ thấp, tích hợp chế độ trò chơi.

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#ReviewSảnPhẩm #TaiNgheKhửTiếngỒn #SrhythmNC25 #Bluetooth5.3 #ChếĐộTròChơi Tai nghe không dây Srhythm NC25 Bluetooth 5.3 là sản phẩm hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực khử tiếng ồn với độ trễ thấp. Được thiết kế với miếng đệm tai có thể thay thế và cánh tay hỗ trợ nhỏ gọn có thể gập lại bền bỉ giúp bạn thoải […]
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Thương hiệu: Srhythm

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معلومات المنتج:
Thương hiệu: Srhythm

Tai nghe Srhythm NC25 không dây Bluetooth 5.3 loại bỏ tiếng ồn nhẹ qua tai và có độ trễ thấp, tích hợp chế độ trò chơi.

مواصفات المنتج

• Digital Active Noise Cancelling Technology(ANC): Professional advanced noise cancellation silences up to 90% of machine noise. Cancels noise from aircraft, subways, cars and crowds,so you can focus on what are you doing. (Kindly Note:it’s NOT 100% noise cancelllation,Human talking CAN NOT be elimated and ANC is less effective in quiet environments).ANC Works well both wired and wireless
• Provides High-Res Audio in Silence: Features a dual 40 mm HD high-resolution audio driver, along with 360° omnidirectional noise-cancelling ANC technology, a high-response diaphragm, lightweight voice coil. Delivers peerless sound with no interruptions.Sometimes quality just needs to be heard.Find the rhythm of your soul
• 50+ Hours Music Enjoyment: A built-in 1000mAh battery won’t allow your headphones power off, you can enjoy your world without noise for 50 hours’ long time with a single charge.or plug in 3.5mm stereo audio cable to prolong using time when battery is low
• Unique Foldable Lightweight & Ergonomic Design: The professional-grade protein ear-pads,100° inward rotation and 120° inward folding ear-cups with superb LIGHTWEIGHT only 0.4 lb for maximum comfort, even during long periods of use. Folds away compactly for easy storage when travelling. Ergomonic headsets’ structure and multi-level adjustable headband to get the best suitable size for you
• Low lantency gaming mode: Only press the Multi-function button three times, enter the low latency gaming mode. Enable you to experience the immersive gaming environment with seamless music

وصف المنتج


25 Srhythm NiceComfort 25

Feel the Nature Sound

Ultra-light,Foldable,Rotatable ANC headphones,Extremely comfortable for all-day wear

الضوضاء الغاء سماعات

50ms Ultra-low latency

Audio and video synchronization

Ideal for watching TV,video conference,gaming,It greatly improves sensitivity & connection stability

Exclusive ANC button control individually

ANC works well in both wired and wireless mode,perfect for frequent flyers or commuter

Never miss any calls when watching movies

It can be connected to 2 devices simultaneously for easy switching.

الحماية من الفولت الزائد

1000 mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery

Exclusive Srhythm Over-voltage protection technology,ensures the safety during headphones charging.

Skin texture,All-day comfort

Exclusive Designs of Air Pressure Balance to reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction.

1وضع لعبة الكمون المنخفض 2إلغاء الضوضاء النشط3اتصال متعدد النقاط450+ ساعات تشغيل5الراحة المتفوقةNC25

Clearer & Faster Microphone

  • Built-in mic ensure crisp, clear calls without ambient noise,make you enjoy a more stable & faster transmission. Voice-Assistant support for Siri &Google Assistant.
  • Microphone works only when in Bluetooth mode.It starts working automatically when bluetooth is connected. It doesn’t need any drivers.


Ultra-low power consumption Bluetooth 5.0

  • Dual Powerful Φ40mm HD speaker units drivers combined with an Advanced Bluetooth V5.0 chipset connects in seconds from up to 10m/33ft without obstacles away,deliver high fidelity deep bass and true to the original music.
  • Built in Bluetooth V5.3 chip,but partial printing is still V5.0.


Unique Foldable and Ultralight 180g

  • ترقية Replaceable Soft Ear Cushions for Comfort with professional memory protein earpads and 120 swiveling earcups,super soft and lightweight comfortable around-ear fit you wear all day long.
  • Please keep the headset in dry and cool environment as the earmuff is made of memory-protein materials.


شريك السفر المثالي

  • Light for head relaxing and portable for traveling storage. Ergonomic international standard size.
  • The space-saving NC25 Wireless headphones can be easily folded up and stored in the portable carry case which included in the package

Does ANC work when wired?

Yes,NC25 noise cancelling headphones ANC works in both Bluetooth and Wired mode.

Why the Bluetooth can’t be turned on?

It needs enough power to turn on Bluetooth, please fully charge your NC25 Bluetooth headphone with a certified USB-A to USB-C charging cable (* not * USB-C to USB-C cable) and a 5-10W power wall charger (don’t use a fast charger). then reset it.

Why the headphone can’t be turned off?

Please pay attention to the indicator light, both ANC and Bluetooth show on the same light. ANC with green and Bluetooth with blue light. Press the ANC button to turn off the green light, then long press multi-function button to turn off blue light.

Why does the headphone sound so low?

After pairing successfully,on the Bluetooth menu of your device,tap the icon on the right of your device name and make sure the “Sync volume with phone” is on.iOS will synchronize volume automatically, but Android needs to turn on manually.

How to reset the headphone?

1.Long Press both “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously for more than 5 seconds to delete Bluetooth pairing

2.Insert audio cable into headphone audio socket then remove it(sometimes need to insert several times to reset successfully)

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