Xgody Android 11.0 Máy tính bảng 10 Inch pc 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 256GB Mở rộng 6000 mAh Pin, Bộ xử lý Quad-Core Tablet, Màn hình IPS HD, Camera chính 2.0MP + Camera sau 8.0MP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Google GMS Tablet

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Fiosrachadh toraidh:
Thương hiệu: Xgody

Xgody Android 11.0 Tablet 10 Inch pc 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 256GB Expand 6000 mAh Battery, Quad-Core Processor Tablet, HD IPS Screen, 2.0MP Front+8.0MP Rear Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Google GMS Tablet

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• 【High-Performance Processor】 Xgody 10-inch tablet uses the latest Android 11.0, The powerful processor makes the apps run faster and smoother, And with RAM: 4GB ROM: 64GB, , you can feel the smooth operation, you can download APPs like YouTube, Skype, Netflix, etc. for easy online entertainment.
• 【Huge Capacity Storage and Dual box speakers】 Xgody Android Tablet with 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and support TF card expansion (up to 256GB), allows you to download a large number of applications from Google Play Store and have fun with them.. built-in two high-quality Box speakers, to bring a very enjoyable auditory experience for the user.
• 【Large Capacity Battery】 The built-in 6000mah battery can be used for a long time. You can download many movies, e-books and music. A single charge of the battery can last up to 5 hours of continuous FHD video playback. Support USB flash drives with massive playback via OTG function. which makes it an attractive tablet. . Cooperate with 5V/2A charging technology to be fully charged within 4 hours.
• 【Full HD IPS Display and Dual Cameras】10.1IN HD tablet equipped with high resolutionof 10.1-inch 1280*800 IPS display. which is very suitable for for Home, Student, Professionals, Small Business, School Education, and Commercial Enterprise, Online Class, Google Classroom, Remote Learning. At the same time, there is a 2MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera to facilitate photo and video chatting and capture the perfect moment for family or friends.
• 【Good Gift and Service Guarantee】The Xgody 10-inch tablet is a good gift for friends, and for your own daily leisure, it is also a perfect choice for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, and bar mitzvahs.

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4+64GB tablet

Xgody 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Tablet

Featuring a vibrant 10-inch glass display, the tablet brings your digital media to life in rich colors and vivid details. This Xgody tablet lets you browse, read books, watch your favorite shows and movies, and play light games on a tablet that’s light and comfortable in your hands, the 10-inch tablet is built to take anywhere. Perfect size, far faster running speed than other tablets.

This tablet is also designed with kids in mind. Download the free app Family Link from Google Play to monitor your child’s account, regarding app usage and screen time limits.

Message us if you have any problems, the Xgody service team is always ready to help.

Clàr 10 òirleach

10 Inch Tablet Android 11 GMS Certification

Stable Android 11 system and has passed Google GMS certification, supports downloading various apps:

Google Maps,WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Netflix,Tiktok …

Supports various media formats:




Document: Word,Excel,PowerPoint,PDF,TXT


The tablet also has a micro SD card slot. If you feel that the tablet’s storage space is not enough, you can always add a micro SD card or connect an external USB flash drive via an OTG cable.

6000 mAh battery tablet

Bataraidh mòr

Built-in 6000 mAh battery and fast-charging capability, you can watch, read and play games anywhere you go.

Note: The battery life will vary depending on device settings and Apps usage.

1280*800 IPS tablet

Large 1280*800 IPS HD resolution

The impressive 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280*800 supports video display. And it can display the most vivid colours to give your eyes the best visual experience.

iwwa tablet

Tablet with child application interface

With the IWWA application, children can also download their favorite applications, with a parental mode, which can manage children’s time.

If you want to make your kids less lonely on road trips or long flights, this essential kids tablet is also the perfect choice for you!

leabhar leughaidh


Enjoy immersive reading on the big screen and watch comfortably at night with Reading Mode.

office tablet

Comfortable Learning

The display is engineered to reduce harmful blue light and reduce eye strain, making studying more comfortable.

meeting tablet

Support video conference

You can make smooth video calls with colleagues via WIFI to better communicate and work.

Xgody 10-inch tablet


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