Yowow BIT: Thiết bị theo dõi hoạt động thể dục Fitness 1.47 với đo nhịp tim Oxy, đường huyết, huyết áp, giấc ngủ, HRV và phân tích 20 chế độ thể thao.

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#Đồng_hồ_Thể_thao_Yowow_BIT Với màn hình phóng to 1.47″ và tích hợp các cảm biến đo nhịp tim Oxy trong máu, Glucose trong máu, Huyết áp, giấc ngủ HRV, đồng hồ Yowow BIT đem lại sự chuyên sâu trong việc theo dõi sức khỏe tim mạch và phân tích dữ liệu sức khỏe. Với 20 chế độ […]
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Thương hiệu: Yowow BIT

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Informacioni i produktit:
Thương hiệu: Yowow BIT

Yowow BIT: Thiết bị theo dõi hoạt động thể dục Fitness 1.47 với đo nhịp tim Oxy, đường huyết, huyết áp, giấc ngủ, HRV và phân tích 20 chế độ thể thao.

Karakteristikat e produktit

• 【24 Hours Health Tracker】The fitness tracker can monitor your health information in real time,It can not only monitor and record heart rate, real-time blood pressure, blood oxygen,temperature, but also record more than 30 minutes of sleep during the day and night, helping you understand of your physical health better;
• 【Heart Health Monitoring】The smart bracelet has built-in monitoring sensors and cooperates with pioneering HRV algorithm. It can analyze physical sign data to obtain heart health index while you are sleeping, and display it in the APP in the form of a Lorentz scatter plot;
• 【20 Sports Modes】Support monitoring of 20 sports modes, can record daily steps, mileage, calories consumed, exercise heart rate and other information. Every exercise can be synchronized to the APP for easy viewing;
• 【Real-time Message Reminder】 When your bracelet and mobile phone are connected via Bluetooth, the bracelet will push the information or calls received by the mobile phone in real time, you will never miss any important messages. The bracelet also has a health reminder function, you can set sedentary reminder and drinking water time in the APP, let the bracelet always protect your health;
• 【1.47 HD Color Screen】With high-defintion big screen,restore pure colors of nature,clear and vivid,there are hundreds of watch faces in the APP to choose from, you can also upload your favorite pictures as watch faces;
• 【IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof】IP67 waterproof standard,effectively prevent sweat and raining, no more worry about water in daily use.The bracelet also supports daily dustproof,but for your health, please wipe the bracelet clean in time after it encounters water or dust.

përshkrim i produktit

Përmbajtja e shkurtër e dukshme, prekni dy herë për të lexuar përmbajtjen e plotë. Përmbajtja e plotë e dukshme, prekni dy herë për të lexuar përmbajtje të shkurtër.

Përshkrimi i produktit

monitor shëndetësor

The New Generation of Yowow BIT Smart Bracelet

The new generation of Yowow BIT smart bracelet is designed for you who love sports and a healthy lifestyle. The bracelet supports all-weather heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose monitoring, daily step counting, and supports sleep monitoring for more than 30 minutes during the day and night. 20 sports modes to help you better understand your own exercise, HRV heart health data analysis, information synchronization reminder, custom dial, daily dustproof and waterproof.

Yowow BIT smart bracelet, a smarter and healthier health detection product, is always with you.

tracker palestër

24/7 Health Data Monitoring

  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring;
  • One-Touth blood pressure monitoring;
  • Blood oxygen monitoring;
  • Sleep monitoring during day time and night;
  • Skin and body temperature testing;
  • Blood glucose monitoring.


  • What is HRV?

A healthy heart doesn’t beat as regularly as a metronome,it actually changes its rhythm with each beat. This constant variation in milliseconds between heartbeats is known as heart rate variability (HRV),Through the analysis of heart rate variability data, we can better understand our physical condition and heart health information.

  • Si të përdorni?

Turn on scientific sleep in the watch settings or APP settings, and then wear the watch when you sleep, the watch will automatically collect heart rate data at night, and you can view the analysis results and statistical Lorenz charts the next day, the longer you wear it, the more accurate measurement you will get.


Well Sleep, Well Being

  • Record more than 30 minutes of sleep during the day and night;
  • Analyze sleep duration, waking up time, insomnia, REM sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and score your sleep quality;
  • Turn on the BO monitor in the Watch Settings—switch, and the watch will automatically detect the nocturnal blood oxygen status while you sleep, analyze Apnea, Respiratory rate, Hypoxia time, Cardiac lode, and other data, and record them in the APP;
  • Turn on the BO Alert in the Watch Settings—switch,and the smart bracelet will alert you when your blood oxygen content is too low to affect your health.


Mënyra të shumta sportive

When you exercise, switch the bracelet to the corresponding exercise mode, which can record your exercise consumption data more conveniently.

The bracelet supports daily waterproof and dustproof, But please clean up the bracelet in time after it comes into contact with water and dust to avoid affecting skin health.


Kujtesë ulur

Sedentary reminder, healthier work, healthier lifestyle.You can adjust the time and frequency of reminders in the APP.


Mesazhi i Kujtuesit

Real-time message reminder, never miss any calls and messages.when using this function, please keep the bracelet and mobile phone connected via bluetooth.

shiko fytyrën

Fytyra e personalizuar e orës

There are 100+ watch faces in the APP to choose from, you can also upload your favorite photos as watch faces.

funksione të tjera


  1. Every new watch has a protector on the screen, if you think it affects the operating experience, please tear it off;
  2. Long press the screen to start;
  3. The automatic all-day monitoring is set in the watch Setting—Switch, compared with single monitoring, automatic monitoring all day will consume more power, you can turn off the unnecessary all-day monitoring functions to improve the battery life;
  4. The non-invasive blood glucose is an innovative function and still in the testing stage, please do not measure frequently in a short time or use it for medical purposes;
  5. Opening the private mode of blood pressure and blood glucose in APP—My device—BP Private Mode/Blood Glucose Private Mode can improve the accuracy of measurement;
  6. The watch is waterproof and dustproof, but for the sake of your skin health, please keep the watch clean and dry;
  7. Please do not expose your watch to substances such as acid, alkali and salt, which will corrode electronic products, and do not use it in the environment of sea water and steam;
  8. Some functions use optical signals for measurement. When the lens at the bottom of the watch contacts other non skin substances and continue to receives reflected light, it also have probability to get measurement results, this is normal and will not affect the results of wearing measurements, please do not worry;
  9. If you encounter problems during use, please read the operating instructions or contact after sales through the Amazon platform.


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